Are You Ready To Get Miller Organized?

Organizing is about more than just your stuff.


Being organized creates fertile ground in which everything can grow.

Imagine being able pull out a small appliance and know exactly where to find its accessories. Getting dressed and out the door in record time because you aren’t wasting a minute looking for anything, like the car keys. Avoid paying late fees because you misplaced a library book. Not being embarrassed when someone opens your junk drawer.

Since 2012, Mel Miller has been creating organized homes, and she can help you organize yours. Miller Organized, an Indianapolis professional organizer, offers a variety of residential organizing services to make this dream a reality. 

Working with so many clients, Mel realized that she wanted more. More connection with a broader audience, more freedom to teach what she believes is the deeper meaning behind the stuff, more opportunities to share all the things she has learned. Mel passionately believes that everyone deserves an organized home in which to dwell, create family and to share with friends. That is why she created MyMO – the blog: a spiritual blog that not only breaks down the steps to take to get your home organized, but explores the barriers that often get in the way.

Mel loves the energy that is created when we come together and share. That is why she has left space for parties, speaking and group events!

Through the years, many people have approached Mel for guidance and advice as they transition through life, contemplate their futures and dare to dream about their own businesses and the life that they want to create. That is why she created MyMO – consulting. Part visionary, part cheerleader, part accountability and a whole lot of focus helps you create the life you were born to live.

Success begins with an organized foundation. Welcome to the network! Mel and her team and are so excited to have you along for the ride. Call us today to hire your Indianapolis professional organizer!