Coaching and Consulting

Mel Miller’s underlying spirit is compassion combined with a strong desire to help people reach their true potential. Many have reached out to her privately asking for guidance as they start a new business, transition into the next phase of their lives or simply feel stuck where they are. From increasing productivity to finding the courage to pursue your dreams, MyMO – coaching and consulting can help.

Confused between the words coaching and consulting? You are not alone.

When you hire Mel as a consultant, you gain access to her many years of professional experience. As an intuitive and a visionary, she will match her knowledge and expertise with your interests and goals. You will leave the session with solid steps and advice for walking firmly into your future.

When you hire Mel as a coach, she will take a step back and allow you to be in the drivers seat. As she asks questions, you will be free to explore your dreams and visions for your future self that help you decide what direction you want to take. Mel is so excited about the coaching process that she is currently working toward coaching certification.

Both consulting and coaching are powerful tools that create life-changing results. Not sure which one is best for you? Contact Miller Organized and we will figure it out.

How it Works

Every coaching and consulting partnership starts with a one hour in-person discovery session where you get the chance to meet with Mel Miller and share your struggles and vision for your future. It ends with a follow-up email including step-by-step actions to take to get you going in the direction of your future.

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