Create a Menu Binder

Mar 25, 2022 | Uncategorized

Create a Menu Binder

Over the last couple of weeks, I have shared my system for creating main menu meal ideas. This blog post covers all the details about putting the menu together in three easy steps.

Five Easy Steps

Step One: Gather a slim three-ring binder, some thick-grade quality page protectors, and typed or handwritten recipes. 

Step Two: Create zones

One zone is for all your recipe choices.

The second zone is for the recipes you will be cooking in a weeks period of time.

The third zone is for the recipes you have already cooked.

Once you had gone through them all, start over.

Step Three: Any time recipes

Create a zone for other recipes you want to keep handy. I call mine, homemade, and it is where all my salad dressing, ideas for sides and “substitutes in a pinch” live.

Step Four: Shopping List

I keep a list of must have items that I refer to before I run my errands. Mine are listed by store and include all of the things I buy often and where I prefer to pick them up. This makes restocking easy.

Step Five: Rotating Recipes

All my recipes live in my computer. If we get burned out on a recipe, I will take it out of rotation and toss the paper but the back up can always be reprinted if I decide I want it back in rotation.

Get Inspired

How do you manage the pantry in your home? I would love to hear stories. Send me a message from my website and share your stories, struggles, and successes. Happy cooking!

Want more information on how to get organized, find your motivation and create the home of your dreams?

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