How to Solve the Age Old Problem of What to Wear!

Apr 15, 2022 | Uncategorized

Which Side of the Closet is More Relatable?

My husband never has anything to wear. He constantly complains about this and is forever shopping in stores and online in search of clothing that fits, looks good, and helps solve his problem of what to wear. He takes up more than half of our closet and slowly tries to creep over to my side. I don’t have a huge wardrobe; I love everything and wear most of it daily. I don’t have to panic at the last minute to figure out what to wear. A few wardrobe changes, and I have it locked down. My husband loves clothing. He is a collector. I love clothing too, but I love ease and organization even more. We approach our clothing in two completely different ways. If you would like to know more about my method, read on.

What’s Your Season?

It was probably a day when I was feeling overwhelmed. My organizing sessions usually begin this way, and I remember pulling everything out of my closet to study what I had. I remembered long ago that seasons were a thing, so I scoured the internet until I found my colors. I put it on and studied my reflection in the mirror. Do I look brighter? Do my blue eyes pop? If I wasn’t sure, I took a photo and studied my image for clarity. Anything from the waist up that was not one of “my colors” went to a pile on the floor. 

What’s Your Body Type?

The next step was to try everything that I was considering keeping on. Did it fit well? Did it compliment my style? How did I feel wearing the piece? If it didn’t make the cut, it went to the pile on the floor. When I was finished, more than half of my wardrobe was gone. If I am being totally honest, this is when I started to panic. It was almost like I was two people. One part of me said I was crazy, throwing out tons of money and good clothes. The other part of me, the one that started up this mess, to begin with, told me to calm down and trust the process. She is the professional organizer who lives inside me. She keeps me going on days when I don’t think I can do it anymore, and she always has my back. I listened to her as she guided me through the rest of the process.

What’s Left?

Mix and match. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. I started mixing and matching clothing I would have never considered before and realized I had a ton of outfit possibilities within a limited supply of clothes. And everything matched! Gone were the colors that looked better on someone else.

What’s Missing?

Fill in the holes. I realized that some of the clothing I donated would need to be replaced. I needed a different size, or the style looked a little dated. Some worn-out pieces had seen better days. 

What’s Changed?

Here is what I never do now. I never buy because something looks cute on someone else. I never buy something just because it is on clearance. I don’t buy more than I need. I don’t buy outside of my color season. 

What’s Next?

As I age, my body is changing. The cuts and looks I could pull off when I was younger no longer suit me. I know my style; I no longer know where to shop to pull it off. My next step will be to consult with a stylist. Pinterest board ready with the look that feeds my soul, the stylist will help me curate a capsule wardrobe of pieces that will suit me for years to come. Stay tuned. I will be blogging about my adventures soon!

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