I Attended a NAPO Pro Organizers Conference: Here’s What I Learned

Apr 24, 2019 | Blog

Since returning from the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) conference in Fort Worth, Texas, I have hardly had a chance to catch my breath.

Attending my first NAPO conference was a really big deal for me. The first year that I joined, NAPO the conference was in California. I was so excited but the timing did not work out. Every year there was something major going on that prevented me from attending. I realized that if I really wanted to go, I would need to set the intention, so I took a leap of faith last year and preregistered well in advance.

Professional Organizer Conference

A Room with a View!

I could not believe that I was finally able to attend, and barely slept during the busy week leading up to conference. What to pack, what to wear, how to get from the airport to the hotel, where to eat, who to meet, what classes to attend, how much money would I spend. There was so much to think about!

The conference was amazing, three fully packed days of networking, exchanging information and ideas, attending classes taught by my peers, learning about the benefits of special interest groups, and meeting all the amazing people in my virtual chapter.

The organizers who attended the conference came from all over the world. I met people from Australia, China, Europe, Central and South America, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and all over the United States. I even got to connect with some fellow organizers from here in Indiana.

So What Are Professional Organizers Really Like?

Professional organizers are really….well…organized. Every detail you could imagine was thought out and well planned. The occasional “oops”  were immediately added to the list of corrections for next years conference. There was no finger pointing or blaming. Just a simple, ok, let’s fix it. Love that!

Proud to represent Indiana!

Everyone I met was incredibly bright. The classes, all led by my peers, were amazing. I learned so much about the industry, trends, technology, and my personal struggle – the ins and outs of running my business, like a real business.

Professional organizers are really nice people. Seriously, nice.  There wasn’t a time that I needed the elevator held, was lost, confused, had a question or had no one to sit with when a fellow NAPO peer did not come to my aid. The collective energy and sincere kindness, caring and genuine friendships that I felt and made will carry me through to next year when we all meet again in Orlando. I cannot wait!

What Professional Organizers Do

Professional organizers and productivity specialists do more than organizing and time management. There is a reason why most of my personal team come from the organizational world.

My bookkeeper, my media specialist, my IT, my business coach, my personal coach, my accountability partners, my mastermind group, my holistic SIG group and my virtual chapter are all NAPO members and affiliates. This means that deadlines are met, things that are supposed to get done actually get done and we collectively climb the ladder as a group each pulling the other up as we scale our business and build the life of our dreams.

Thanks so much for stopping in and spending a few moments of your time with me. Have the next blog post delivered right into your inbox by clicking here. I hope to see you again.

Have a productive, Miller Organized, day.

Melinda Miller


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