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Apr 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Welcome to Transformation Tuesdays Through Life Coaching

This isn’t gonna make a lot of sense but I remember it well. I was turning 24 and could not stop crying. My friends couldn’t understand. It wasn’t like I was turning 25 or 30, the bigger milestone birthdays can be triggering. What was the big deal? I didn’t understand the overwhelming feeling of sadness that I felt. My friends all showed up with a party and a night out. I never felt so alone.

That birthday was a long time ago yet it haunted me for years. It wasn’t until I stopped hyper focusing on the details, my job, my friends, my age, my address, and started looking at what was really driving the bus, my thoughts, that I realized the answer was inside me. It had been all along.

What did I think 24 would be like? Where did I think I should be? Who was I comparing myself to? What flight was taking off around me that I thought I should be on?


Never again would I compare myself to others.
Never again would I not fully appreciate where I am.
Never again would I left feelings I was unaware of having drive the bus of my life.
Never again would I waste precious time surrounded by friends and family and feel sorry for myself.

Many birthdays have come and gone and some were better than others. But this one, this one was a struggle. I have to check in, see what was going on. I’m on the brink of a brand new life. The life I have always dreamed of. The life I have been working on for so long. But not every fiber of my being is on board. The energy of resistance is strong and the inner battle is real.

This happens when we are on the verge of a greater version of ourselves. That awareness helped me get back into the drivers seat of my life with much more confidence. I am ready to move forward. I am ready to roll.

I know that I am not the only one who struggles with birthdays. That is why I am offering a free 45 minute coaching session for anyone who is finding another trip around the sun to be a challenging. Positive change is your birthright. April birthdays, book your free session here!



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