Class Three:

Manifest Your Future.

Creating a vision board, especially your first one, can be terrifying. I know mine was. I had to reel in my fear and remember the goal.

I was looking for a change, but first needed to find a roadmap, courage, and a way to ground myself. In this class, learn how you can slow down and get started, too.

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This class is part one of three from my Vision Board series. For maximum savings, be sure to purchase the entire series, which includes a workbook and video for each class.

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In This Class, We Will Explore:

manifest your future

Three Different Types of Vision Boards


A variety of Vision Board Mediums


Materials Needed


Potential Roadblocks

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Not Your Mama's Vision Board

Class One: Not Your Mama's Vision Board

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gain clarity through mindmapping

Class Two: Gain Clarity Through the Power of Mind Mapping

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Vision Board Series

Entire Vision Board Series

Embark on your vision board journey uninterrupted! Purchase all three classes at once with this special discount.