My MO Miller Organized LogoBeing organized is about decluttering, sorting and creating organizational systems. If it sounds so easy, why is this so hard? Having a place to explore the “why’s” is the reason I created MyMO – the blog.

This space is about much more than organization. It’s purpose is to serve as a lifestyle blog, creative space, and educational platform to learn more about the world of organization and how it can touch multiple facets of our lives.

MyMO covers everything about the home; family, food, spirituality, purpose, inspiration and connection.

The acronym MO is also a way to refer to someone’s modus operandi, which is latin for “a particular way or method of doing something.” My modus operandi is to use an empathic, intuition-based lens with each I explore and create a world that is uniquely MyMO – the blog. Won’t you join me?

Take the first step, and join the My MO blog.