Miller Organized provides fun, educational speaking presentations on all topics related to organizing, including the following:

  • Change Your Mindset: How to Define your Stuff, Identify your Stumbling Blocks, and get Organized
  • Organize Your Paper, Organize Your Life: How to FINALLY Create a Filing System that Really Works
  • Your Junk Drawer is So Pretty: How to Create Drawers that are Beautiful, Functional and Hold your Junk
  • Mastering Action Items: Creating a Fluid System that Allows you to Stay on Top of Action Items in your Life
  • Whole Home Organization: The Secret Formula that Allows you to Organize any Space in your Life

Speaking Cost: Topic from Above – $100 per event

Create your own Topic: $200 per topic/event.

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If you are interested in hosting a more informal home event, check out my WAG parties! If you are interested in a group workshop, check out my Group Events pages.


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