The Gift in Making Mistakes

May 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

I am learning from my mistakes.

Awe, mistake. We are pretty good friends. I used to think that if someone could screw up an opportunity, it was me. Everyone around me saw something in me that I simply did not see in myself. And so I wandered the planet, well, at least the central Indiana part, kind of lost.

It turns out that a massive amount of growth comes from making mistakes. Every mistake I made, I spent time in reflection. At first, it was painful. I was too hard on myself, wondering how to make sure that never happened again. This cycle followed me into my thirties as I remained hyper-focused on literally everything. My friends used to joke, “Let’s analyze this!” every time they saw my wheels turning, followed by a word vomit of what I thought it all meant.

Que the enlightenment. At some point, the whole thing started to make sense, and I began to understand that I was actually learning something. That depth and growth were the seeds planted by my missteps. Every lovely footstep in the wrong direction

I now see mistakes for what they are, wonderful opportunities to learn.

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