WAG Parties

WAG Parties with Miller OrganizedWAG stands for Wine and Girls (or Guys) Organizing. Yes, ladies and gentleman, we have made WAG parties a thing. These are mini, personalized organizing trainings in your own home. Gather your friends, a bottle of wine and your biggest home organizing hurdles and lets tackle them together.

Each host gets one 2-hour organizing session in their home with Mel of Miller Organized, plus the support of your group. This is a “party with a mission!”  

Choose from one of the following Wine and Girls parties, or make up your own! WAGS are FREE for the host, each participant pays a small fee to join. Entry includes a raffle ticket for a free 2-hour organizing session with Miller Organized. WAG Party pricing structure included below.

Home Organizing Makeover

Home Organizing Makeover WAGChoose an area of your home which you would like to see made over. This might be a junk drawer, Tupperware drawer, closet, pantry or living room. Mel will come and provide tips and strategies for improving the space. Crack a bottle of wine and have fun!


Vision Board Gathering

Vision Board WAGA vision board is a collage of images or words that represent your future goals. By visualizing what these are, you open your heart and mind to the possibility of them happening! Vision board parties are a super fun and engaging way of crafting these goals, alongside friends who also want to create more focused abundance in their lives.


Clothing Swap + Closet Organizing Tips

Clothing Swap WAGMotivate your friends to declutter their closets! Everyone bring a bag of clothes and accessories to swap. Mel will be on hand to answer closet organizing questions and provide tips and strategies for keeping your closet tidy all year round.


Best Organizing Products Demo

Best Organizing Products WAGThis WAG party is all about sharing our very favorite organizing products on the market. Many people get bogged down with the wrong products for a space. Mel will help you separate which products actually work – and which to avoid.


Recipe Organizing Fun

Recipe Organizing WAGHave you been dying to get your recipes organized, but never have the time? This WAG party gives you and your friends the opportunity to talk food, swap recipes and finally create a system to keep them organized. Everyone is invited to bring their collection. Based on what you have, Mel will show you the best system for you and help you get started!


Print Photo Organizing Session

Photo Organizing WAGJust about everyone has mountains of print images from the pre-digital years that they’ve been desperate to get organized. Guests can bring one box per person. Together, we will go through the photos, share stories conversation, and Mel will provide everyone with her tips for organizing your whole photo collection.


Have an idea for a WAG party you don’t see here? We are happy to accommodate so long as your idea falls within our scope of expertise. Get in touch!

WAG Party Pricing

Each WAG party is FREE for the host. Participants pay a small fee based on how many people want to join. The more friends who attend, the less they pay. Fee includes a raffle ticket to draw a free 2-hour organizing session with Mel!

1-3 Participants > $25 per person
4-6 Participants > $20 per person
7-10 Participants > $15 per person
10-15 Participants >$10 per person

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